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AskDamz is a platform for health-conscious people who want to ultimately make a lifestyle change by eating healthy, to LOSE OR GAIN WEIGHT, and above all maintain your achieved body weight while still eating your favorite meals but in a healthier and fun way.

The process requires combined discipline and effort to achieve a successful result. Team Askdamz is going to work with you step by step through this journey.

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Weight Loss

Eating habits should be regulated and controlled – only natural organic food will make our body healthy and strong.

Weight Gain

Diet is not the only ingredient of a long happy life. Physical excercise is also important for your health and beauty.

Weight Management

See how your life becomes a pleasant adventure, full of bright colors and fun activities. Meet new friends as well.

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Healthy Food Makes a Healthy, Happy Life

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Hello, I’m Damz

This is My Success Story

My name is Damz , I got to a point in my life that I knew I couldn’t continue the way I was . I was a size 20, eating everything that came my way. At that point, I had come up with gastrointestinal re flux disease and that means everything I eat releases a gas that erodes my esophagus causing severe heart burns and pain.I went to see my doctor and I was advised to lose weight as that will give me relief even after doing a series of endoscopy without a solution.With an intention to lose weight and my love for food, I started doing my research on how I could enjoy my meals and still lose weight and here I am. Lost approximately 40kg , 4 dress sizes and have maintained it for 5 years. Now I feel way lighter, healthier ,more energetic and I have dedicated my life to helping others to become a better and healthier version of themselves.Consistency,sustainability and dedication is KEY.

by Coach Damz

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I send you these so you know that this thing you're doing is not a business!!! It's God using you as a tool to help us maintain our Temples!!!


When my friends tell me I'm losing weight, I tell them to come join the winning team which is ASKTHEM. And when they start seeing results like me, it will be TELLTHEM. I have changes your name (laughs). Thank you!


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