Dear Dieter – Food You Don’t Have To Avoid!

Dear dieter or weight watcher, THIS IS MY LETTER TO YOU:

Rice, bread, irish potatoes, nuts, full cream milk, avocados, egg yolks and cooking oil aren’t the reason you got FAT or OVERWEIGHT!

Dear Dieter - Food You Don't Have To Avoid!

So you’ve decided to finally MOVE, take that bold step to become the healthiest and best version of yourself but you go on the internet and see various lists with different meals stated that you have to avoid in order to achieve your goal. Thank God for Angel Damz, loll I’m here to put things in order .

Rice: This is the most popular on the list, there is definitely nothing wrong with eating rice which is rich in energy giving carbohydrates because you most likely need the fuel to engage in the days activities .

Irish potatoes: You have probably read that it’s better to lean towards sweet potatoes than irish potatoes but this isn’t the case as 100g of irish potatoes has 93 calories while 100g of sweet potatoes has 90 calories the difference is quite negligible.

Cooking oil: Most times we can read that you should avoid this completely. However, did you know that there are healthier oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil which are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fats which promote cell growth and better flow of blood.

If you don’t have any inhibiting health condition, there is no reason why you should cut any food group off to achieve weight loss. Most diets telling you to do so are FAD DIETS and are not sustainable in the long run. You should be able to eat all classes of food in order to enjoy their many health benefits, you are only to be weary of their PORTIONS.

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