Let’s talk “DYSPHORIA

Some of us may be  wondering what on earth does this mean But trust me, we learn everyday. Some are even in this state without  been consciously aware. Wikipedia  describes “dysphoria” as a state of feeling unhappy about something.

Dysphoria centered on gender is called “Gender dysphoria” , a state of unease or  dissatisfaction with one’s gender.

When you posses the physical  characteristics of a female ‍ and your true identity is male , that becomes a problem causing depression, anxiety, distress and generally affects your mental health. The feeling of being trapped in a particular body and posses an entirely different sex from the characteristics which  sometimes lead to the individual transitioning .

Dysphoria itself can be a symptoms of various other conditions as  anxiety disorders, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, insomnia, stress and can also be side effect of anti-psychotic drugs .

Common reactions to dysphoria are ;

⭕ EMOTIONAL distress

⭕ PHYSICAL distress 

 The opposite state of mind is  “euphoria“.

Effects of Dysphoria includes; 

‍ Continual difficulty with simply getting through with the day; when  nothing seems easy for you.

‍ A sense of disconnect or estrangement from your own emotions.

‍ A feeling that your  life is pointless and has no purpose.

‍ Knowing you are somehow different from everyone else and wishing you could be normal like them.

‍ Feeling  hopeless, worthless or guilty

‍ Losing interest in things that you used to enjoy

‍ Loss of appetite or weight changes 

‍ Experiencing sleep pattern changes

‍ Feeling uneasy or agitated or make impulsive decisions

‍ Questioning your  mental health

‍ Suicidal thoughts

Therefore, If you have been re-evaluating your gender ‍ , or these experiences seem relatable to you, it may be worth considering that this could be dysphoria/gender dysphoria and that it’s potentially treatable.

In order not to harm❌ yourself or others, it’s important to take precautions by either;

‍⚕ Seeking medical care 

Relating the issues with right people around you



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