Why Gain Weight When I Eat Just Once A Day?

Frequently, I get the question why do I continue to gain weight even when I am eating healthy or in a day?

The truth is there is rarely a simple answer to that. It’s not just what you eat, but;


A myriad of factors can contribute to not loosing weight among individuals who believe they are eating wholesome foods or healthy.

1. FOOD QUANTITY: You might be wondering i eat just once in a day but just because a foods considered healthy, doesn’t mean you can eat unhealthy amount of it.

2. SKIPPING MEALS: People who skip breakfast are more often overweight than those who don’t skip this important meal.

3. RUSHING MEALS: When you rush through meals, it can make you consume more than planned.

4. LACK OF EXERCISE: If you eat once a day and you are sedentary, then you don’t expect to loose weight .

5. LACK OF SLEEP: The quality and quantity of sleep is just as important as the kind of food you eat.

6. STRESS: Pumping out cortisol and other stress hormones hour-after-hour can take a toll on your health.

However, there are various ways to put all these to check by;

  1. PORTION CONTROL: Examine the quantity of healthy food you are consuming and keep records of  what you are eating to keep yourself honest and in check.
  2. NEVER RUSH MEALS: Chew deliberately during meal and drink water between bites to slow down your typical eating pace.
  3. KEEP YOUR METABOLISM MOVING: You need about an hour of exercise a day, even if you are eating healthy. A simple walk is a good start . The more active muscles you have, the more your metabolism increases.
  4. CHECK YOUR GUT: The bacteria in our gut have an impact on our weight, so make sure you are consuming pre and probiotic to keep the right kind of gut bacteria to help your metabolism and overall health.
  5. ABUNDANT SLEEP: You get increased cravings and altered hormones if you don’t sleep properly.
  6. STRESS LESS: Regular exercise, a good quality sleep and meditation are 3 great ways you can help control stress.
  7. HORMONAL HARMONY: As most times hormonal imbalance can make it difficult to loose weight and even make you add up pounds.

Remember, weight loss takes:
Start each day with a positive view towards your ultimate goal!

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